Dezhou Vocational College of Science and Technology Qingdao Campus

Dezhou Science and Technology Vocational College was founded in 1988。After more than 30 years of development, it has become a full-time ordinary university with the qualification of higher education。

The college has two campuses in Dezhou and Qingdao。Dezhou Campus is located in the famous "National high-tech Industrial Development Zone" and "China's functional sugar City" - Yucheng City, Shandong Province, and Qingdao campus is located in "China's most happy city" and "Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone planning core area leading city approved by The State Council" - Qingdao City。The college covers an area of 1770.8 acres, school building area of 41.20,000 square meters, the total value of teaching and research equipment 1.0.5 billion yuan, collection of paper books 130.8万册。Strong teaching force。There are 817 full-time teachers, including 22 full professors, 251 associate senior titles, 369 master's degrees or above, and 352 "double-qualified" teachers。The professional setup is complete and the teaching achievement is remarkable。The college has 8 provincial demonstration majors, characteristic majors and co-construction of enterprise and school specialized majors,Provincial brand professional group 1,Provincial-level excellent courses 13,Provincial teaching team 2,One provincial-level famous teacher,The teachers of the college have won awards in the National Micro-Class Competition and the Shandong Young Teachers Teaching Competition for many times.The students have won more than 100 awards of third prize or above in national, provincial and municipal vocational skills competitions。It has undertaken 47 national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, obtained 2 national patents, and has 3 national software literature warrants。The college has been widely recognized and highly appraised by higher departments, major media and all walks of life, and has won the honorary title of national, provincial and municipal for many times, and has been rated as the advanced collective of teaching management in Shandong Province and the Advanced unit of vocational education and employment in Shandong Province。CCTV's "Eastern Time and Space" column carried a special report on the college's implementation of the "double certificate" system to ensure students' employment;China Education Daily has made a comprehensive report on the college under the title of "A banner of Chinese vocational Education"。

The college sets up majors according to the urgent need of the market and the docking of national strategic emerging industries。Key specialties such as e-commerce, industrial robots, drone technology, aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, air crew, high-speed rail passenger crew, animation production and design, computer network technology, film and television performance, news photography, broadcasting and hosting, radio and television director, construction engineering technology, accounting, etc., are set up order classes,In the national colleges and universities created a precedent of special order training,It has truly achieved high-end training and high-quality employment。

Dezhou Science and technology vocational College Haiyang training base

The college has obtained the support of the World Bank vocational and technical education project, advanced practical training equipment and excellent performance。The two campuses have more than 100 training rooms and workshops of various types, and 178 training bases jointly run by schools and enterprises, laying a good foundation for students' practical training。

The college has always adhered to the employment-oriented, and has set up the College Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Guidance Center。Upon enrollment, an employment agreement is signed with students, order training is implemented, and qualified students are guaranteed 100% high-paying employment。

The college guides students to establish the concept of "first employment, then career selection and entrepreneurship", and actively encourages and supports students to start their own businesses。Both campuses have been approved by local government agencies as "university student entrepreneurship incubation bases", and the highest assets of graduate entrepreneurs in the past have exceeded 10 million yuan。

The college attaches great importance to the improvement of students' academic qualifications, provides students with all-round guidance for higher education, and builds key colleges with higher education rates in Shandong Province to help students realize their dreams of junior college admission and undergraduate graduation。

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