Characteristic major

Professional name Training direction and employment direction School-enterprise cooperation unit
Passenger crew of high-speed rail Train high-speed railway passenger crew and service personnel, high-speed railway station security and passenger service personnel, and target employment for passenger sections and high-speed railway stations in various railway bureaus Beijing high-speed Railway passenger section, Jinan Railway Bureau, Beijing South Railway Station, Qingdao Station, Wuhan Station, Zhengzhou Station, etc。
Flight attendant Train passenger flight attendants, flight attendants, security officers, airport security and shipping service personnel, airline ticketing personnel, mainly for the four major domestic airlines and large airports directed employment。 Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Beijing Capital Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Guangdong Baiyun Airport, Jinan Yuanwall Airport, Qingdao Liuting Airport, etc。
Electronic commerce New media and e-commerce operations are highly integrated,Realize cross-border integration of e-commerce, new media, Internet, management, supply chain management and other majors,Training of Internet business operation and marketing personnel, network broadcast personnel,Mainly for Tmall, Jingdong, Ali, Suning, Amazon and other e-commerce platforms between the brand flagship enterprises targeted employment。 Haier, Baicao flavor, Peace bird, Jinan top business and other major e-commerce platforms
News gathering and production Training film production, film and television shooting, film and television performance, news production personnel, mainly for film and television production companies, advertising production companies, television stations and news publishing houses and other targeted employment。 Beijing Shengshi Jinxiang International Culture Media Co., LTD., Shandong Jiuyi Film Co., LTD
Animation Production Technology (Film Academy) Training painting, film and television special effects, animation art design personnel, mainly for film and television production companies, advertising production companies and other targeted employment Beijing Shengshi Jinxiang International Culture Media Co., LTD., Shandong Jiuyi Film Co., LTD
Animation production technology (VR direction To cultivate professional talents with computer 2D and 3D animation design and production technology, as well as creative, planning, design and production ability of virtual reality film and television animation and interactive games Sahara (Qingdao) Education Technology Co., LTD
Aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance Train technicians engaged in aircraft maintenance, aviation mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, aircraft engine maintenance and other technical personnel, mainly for airlines and airports and terminals maintenance engineering department (or aviation repairman), aircraft and engine host or accessory maintenance enterprises。 Boc Tongfei (Beijing) Education Technology Co., LTD
Industrial robot technology Training technicians engaged in robot ontology programming and operation, system assembly and debugging, robot workstations and automated production line system integration, mainly for the operation, maintenance and management of industrial robot workstations and peripheral equipment related enterprises directed employment Jiangsu Jieside precision Industry Co., LTD
Software technology Training computer software technology development and programming engineers, facing the computer, Internet and other large commercial enterprises employment Beijing Abotek Beida Bluebird Information Technology Co., LTD
Computer network technology The college and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. cooperate to establish the Huawei ICT College, which trains students according to the standards of enterprise employment. The learning process is jointly taught by teachers of the college and enterprise engineers, and students can obtain Huawei ICT International certification and work in Huawei ecological partners。 Jinan Cybernet Technology Co., LTD
Building engineering technology Cultivate professional and technical talents with prefabricated construction and relevant technology of building information model, for prefabricated building design, construction production, site construction management, operation and maintenance and other enterprises and related positions, as well as major domestic prefabricated construction enterprises。 Zhengbao distance Education Group
护理 Training is to master the basic knowledge and skills of modern nursing, have a good command of nursing English and foreign-related nursing knowledge of high-quality international nursing talents, mainly for domestic and foreign hospitals at all levels, especially foreign-related hospitals, foreign-related departments, foreign-related elderly care institutions, foreign medical and health service institutions and other units targeted employment。 Jinan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jinjiang City, Qingdao Shijia Rehabilitation Hospital
Early childhood development and Health Management (a) Training of urgently needed pre-school and early childhood education and health professionals;For major educational institutions, early childhood education institutions, government-run kindergartens and other units of employment。 Zhengbao distance Education Group
Food biotechnology Cultivate in the production and service of the first line can engage in food, functional food production and product development,Food, functional food inspection and quality management of senior technical application talents,Mainly for food or functional food production enterprises, functional food marketing enterprises, catering service enterprises of the production department, R & D department, quality inspection department, brand management department, sales and service department engaged in food, functional food industry chain including design, production, sales and other work。 Lunan Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD., Qingdao Ponia Food Co., LTD
Automotive manufacturing and assembly technology Train new energy vehicle design engineers with professional skills in setting body opening and closing parts, instrument panels, general layout, technology, etc.Mainly for domestic major automotive Ofactory research institutes, domestic major automotive design companies, domestic major engineering machinery factories or agricultural mechanization research and development and technology departments, artificial intelligence company structural design departments and other units targeted employment。 Boke Electronic Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD